Market Chat: Winning Federal Business Takes an Orchestra

In this radio program we’ll discuss how the “RIGHT” Capture Team is a singularly focused, multi-faceted, cross-organizational team B2G companies put in place around a specific initiative that is of the highest importance, strategically and for profits. As in every great Orchestra – all musicians must play their role in …

How to SPIN more Awards out of Thin Air

To be really effective at selling professional services you need to leverage not just traditional BD sales staff, but also the efforts of your project staff that interact onsite with the client. This article will introduce an age old commercial selling framework (“SPIN” Selling) and illustrate how it can be applied to government contracting.


Becoming a Modern Marketer

By now, most marketers are familiar with the concept of modern marketing and the benefits of embracing technology and new approaches to meet organizational goals. But what if you’re stuck somewhere in between a traditional and a modern approach? How can you make the switch and what potholes lay ahead? This interview explores the challenges and successes in bringing my organization from the old-fashioned, traditional (company-centric content, owned and traditional channels) to the modern era (of customer experience, storytelling, digital channels, and performance marketing) in our approach to marketing and communication.